geez, backlit winter coat Quicksilver

Quicksilver is a stray, that come to us & decided to stay. I finally convinced him to sleep in the garage when its pouring bucks or gets too cold. I am so grateful that he lets me keep him dry & warm. However-i had never seen his winter coat like this,DSC_7867 until this backlit photo…

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  1. Amy he is so beautiful .. Lovely to think he can stay warm and dry 😊


    1. Julie, Quicksilver is better than any Meteorologist because 1. Alabama weather in insane 2. The meteorologist is always four hours off or completely off…The first time i invited him into the garage, it was hot & pouring buckets, so i opened one of the doors & carried him in & dried him off. THEN, or rather NOW, i open the door to go inside the HOUSE & he saunters in as though he belongs there. But he quickly cuts through the house to the interior door leading to the garage, but only if it is going to be below zero or rain heavily…he just knows. So i do too! ~amy rambling again.

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      1. Not rambling .. 😃


  2. Karen B says:

    Oh Amy! He is beautiful! I am so glad that he allows you to help him. I hope you are ok. I have had computor problems so no longer get the email alerts when you post. This week I am going to have to sort that out….I have not just lost your alerts, but all the ones from special people that I follow. So sorry to have missed so many of your posts. -Karen


    1. Oh, Karen,
      My pen-pal, i’ve missed you. I’ve been sick in bed for four days…i watch all BBC movies AND i decided i am really supposed to living in England somewhere, like next door to you. When i lived in Vermont, i went through a period of loving books written about the South. Now, i can’t abide them. I stopped reading them once i got here. Now all i read are books that take place in Europe…do you have a small green house my children & i can move into? Can i bring my cats & dogs? and one hamster? Wonderful to see you, please stay in touch. Still struggling through the divorce. Waiting on the Judge to make her decision about mine & my children’s future…but everything is better then it was. Perhaps you might read my post about, “there is no such thing as domestic violence” very…me. ~amy


  3. Linda Corliss says:

    So beautiful!


    1. He is that, Aunt Linda! Thank you. Love, amy


  4. Maverick ~ says:

    Wonderful capture.


    1. Hello Sir Maverick,
      Hard not to take a photo of a glowing cat. 🙂 ~amy


    2. thank you, Maverick! ~amy


    1. Thank you so much! He is a stunner. ~amy

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