my 11yr old photography student’s work

19 thoughts on “my 11yr old photography student’s work

    1. aahhh, a fantastic compliment, one i’ll hold onto. as most tend to fly away. i love teaching photography, teaching one so young to SEE everything, he will carry this knowledge the rest of his life. i am very lucky. Thank you, Deb. ~amy

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  1. Some lovely photos! I have to be honest: That last photo, of the husky made me grinn. The dog’s facial expression isn’t too clever in that photo 😛

    Have a happy Monday!


    1. What i’ve learned from teaching kids for so long is, if they have a passion for it, then they are masters. Great of you to compliment him, I am sure he loves hearing it! Thank you! ~amy


    1. Harris is quite a treat! Our class hour always ends way too quickly. I suppose because, 1. he is so funny 2. he teaches me stuff about my laptop 3. he shares the same passion for photography that i do! Thank you, Julie for complimenting his work! ~amy

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    1. Why would you say that, Daniel? This is what i tell all photographers & artists…look for the part of your work you love best, even it is just an inch, & figure out WHY you love that one spot. Then figure out WHY & try to repeat it. ALSO, study what you hate & why. Isn’t that the way life works in all thing? ~amy

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