fun magnet art project…gifts, for lockers, fridges


super easy project. you’ll need glass that is flat on one side, rounded on the other (found at craft stores or dollar tree), magazines, Mod Podge, scissors…


if i wanted to do a kitchen theme for a cook, i would look for food pictures in magazines. i choose this one.


Mod Podge the flat slide of glass & place on picture, push it down a bit, then turn upside down to dry. when dry, trim to the glass edge & add magnet. if paper seems flimsy you can put some Mod Podge on both sides to firm it up. THAT.IS.IT!


the bag of glass on top of a Martha Stewart Living magazine


for a gardener?


for a child?


a wine drinker? Someone who can read? 🙂


the Doctor?


a knitter?


i used to say, “i love you more” to my kiddos, sometimes i still do…but they are all teenagers now.

i’ve made these with art students & we just cannot stop & we make too many because you see your magazine in a whole new way!

7 thoughts on “fun magnet art project…gifts, for lockers, fridges

    1. A side effect to a creative brain is that my brain NEVER shuts up. Even when i sleep, i dream of stores with things that don’t exist sometimes. BUT, Reggie, i love it, i just run out of time to make things i want to make. This project, however, is one of the most fun i’ve ever done because it takes seconds to make one AND it changed the way i saw magazines & catalogs. I got a great catalog from a paper store. Well, they photograph all sorts of amazing things & i can’t afford half of it. BUT, then i realized instead of buying a picture of the words, “Love you more” i could just place a piece of glass over it with Mod Podge (white glue words too) and I CAN HAVE THE PICTURE, for free, in my own way! You should give it a try! I promise you would LOVE it. ~amy

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