the mums are coming!!!


in Alabama, you can put mums in the ground. the next year they will be three times the size & they bloom in October. i know people who grow mums for the fall season create orange/brown, or yellow flowers. why? that is what everything is colored in fall. i think they should make white or green ones, right? I wish they would. Which is why i planted spring mums, which look like daisies. SO, i’m going to have a GAZILLION white flowers in about a week. my friends will be so lucky! ~amy

11 thoughts on “the mums are coming!!!

    1. Hi Julie! Good choice in mums! I’m about to have thousands of them, they’ve just started opening. I bought a whole bunch of little vases (shot glasses .60 cents a piece) so i can share them with my friends & family. They look just like daisies. SWEET. I’m sure you’ll see some here. ~amy

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      1. You didn’t know that they would grow back? I don’t know if they come back everywhere, but you could google it in your state. However, the nurseries sell them with a nice haircut, when they grow back, they are super bedhead. They don’t really do much until August, here in Alabama, then i get my tomato holder-upper-thingys to hold them up. I used THREE to hold one plant!!! I get them up because they lay on top of everyone else in the gardens. ~amy

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