art for preschool hallway…


this is an iPhone picture 😦 i ALWAYS forget my camera when i go to Temple Emanu-El in Birmingham, Alabama. i edited the picture so that you didn’t have to see the hallway lights or walls. i was hired to make three signs for a preschool hallway. the preschool is named The Discovery School. i had to make these words, Awaken, Wonder, Engage on three signs. I have NEVER done anything more complicated in my life. straight lines? i can’t make straight lines. i thought. how do i do it–to myself, to Rabbi Haas, i said of course i can do this…

white foam core, sliced with razor (Omgosh, straight lines?!) to get a perfect straight line, i used the space between the boards of my front deck! i have to think outside the box.

how do i make the letters? i found a font i liked, (it was approved by boss) i drew the letters in pencil, onto white card stock & cut them out to make stencils. i counted how many letters i would really need to cut out, in black card stock. i counted all the letters & how many times they would be duplicated or tripled. i needed 3-n’s, 3-e’s, 2-a’s, 2-g’s, 1-w & 1-d. but then, i had to make words on BOTH sides, so i doubled the numbers of each letter. Oy. (this was after a SUPER, MAJOR SURGERY, four months of bed rest & then a car accident that totaled my car…so my brain was working at a 10% capacity)

i enlarged the font (i drew the font bigger, in capital letters) to make two A’s, two W’s, two E’s.

when i finally put the black letters onto the white foam core, IT WAS SO BORING! i decided i wanted to make a collage of a sky, BUT i couldn’t get in touch with Rabbi Haas for days! i decided to go ahead & make one without permission, i figured i could remake the blah sign if she preferred it.

for the collage, i used different shades of blue tissue paper and some white. i tore them into long strips & used Mod Podge to adhere them to the foam core. i bought some handmade paper from Alabama Art Supply, it was like white tissue papers with fibrous circles on it, i cut the circles out & glued them into/onto the sky. then i added the letters to make the first word, I loved the g’s shapes, so i made Engage. Thankfully she approved!

MORE THINKING! i had to do both sides of each one AND i had to THINK because it HAD to read the same way (which meant a different word, except for Wonder, had to be on the back) the right way, coming from either direction in the hallway…geez. i cannot believe i did it. i get a bit dizzy thinking about it now.

Shalom. ~amy

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