me & my dog

37 thoughts on “me & my dog

    1. Huskies are the smartest, funniest & most stubborn dogs in the world! “they” base intelligence on dogs…with obedience & how they are quick to do tricks or how easily they can be trained to a specific task. The husky cannot be trained more then just potty training. I think they are the smartest “because if you throw the ball, why should i go get it?” I’ve owned Huskies since my early 20s & to me there is no better dog out there. ~amy πŸ™‚


    1. Hi Julie, that is what i bought to store my pro jobs. its just frustrating to not be able to easily separate my photos taken that day with my job photos. My daughter took that photo of us together. She also picked Nala up to be with me. ~amy

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      1. Only when there was NOTHING wrong in the first place! I has slowed down my editing so much & just when i happen to be so busy. UGH. photos also seem to favor the color red. ~amy

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    1. Well, i would say it would be very hard if the dog didn’t want to go. Nala did. I got in first, my daughter put her feet up & i grabbed her collar & pulled, while my daughter lifted her hind feet. She LOVED it. ~amy


    1. i am so glad i’m not alone in thinking this is Apple going too far with their so called update. I think it may be a great program for regular everyday pictures, but that is not why professional photographers go for Apple. i hope they get enough complaints that they offer iPhotos back. ~amy

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    1. Thanks AND I’m so glad you agree with me about photos on the mac update! i think Apple should give customers a choice in whether they want the update or not. i’m sure all professional photographer would have said NO. Some of us do like to think for ourselves in our editing. ~amy


    1. Nothing. The hammock was/is my happy place & to have my dog join me for a while, was awesome. She is too old to get up there now, but at least i can remember exactly what it felt like. πŸ™‚ ~amy

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    1. Thank you! And are you having problems with iPhoto replaced with this awful new program? UGH. I had to buy a new program to put my images in b/c i couldn’t separate my shoots from other pictures i happened to have taken on the same day. I have work to do, this program is not for photographers. I hope they get enough complaints that they figure out how to give the people who want iPhoto back, back! ~amy

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