what boys say…

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always sometimes make me smile. My art class boys arrive at my studio before i do. The boys decide to play basketball while they wait. I park in the garage & go to the front door to let them in, as i do, i notice that i have a WHITE POPPY! “Oh, gosh boys, isn’t it beautiful? Can i take a picture of it?” they say nothing b/c they know that if i want to take a picture, no mountain will prevent me from doing so. Then i say, “We are supposed to have strong thunderstorms, i’m going to put inside, can you wait?” no response, boys are now sitting at the studio table talking to each other. i bring the flower in a shot glass vase & i put it in front of the boys (they are in the first grade) “look, isn’t it beautiful?”

“i wanna drink that vase’s water…” says Owen.  ??? i look at him & he is covered in sweat, i forgot about the basketball game. I give them both a glass of ice water.

They didn’t give a crap about the flower, because it was time to finish the Alien Family Portrait art project. Darn straight.

Post Script, i got a text from one of my Tuesday Afternoon art class kid’s mom–he missed class on Tuesday. He was upset about that & told his mother, “You know i would have a better time with Ms Amy than at some grown up thing for Nannie”

Best compliment i’ve ever gotten. Thank you, Aidan!!!!

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  1. kiwiskan says:

    and lovely photos


  2. It seems nobody was paying attention…beautiful white poppy!


  3. nothingbutjay says:

    Beautiful Poppy & insightful tale


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