i would like to be a TRENDsetter…

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to those who have a lawn or those who have a balcony…we can buy flowers, flowering trees, flowering bushes…and that is wonderful, but when the flowers fade away, nothing is left but the leaves. instead of only having dogwood, lilac bushes, azaleas, etc. you could buy fruit trees/bushes too.

the first photo is my 7 year old strawberry leaves, they do flower, but not yet. they are perennials, if planted in dirt, and spread like wild fire.

the next photo is of my lemon blossoms–which is super cool b/c i planted the tree in a pot & it lives, on the deck, spring, summer & fall. BUT it gives me flowers in winter, when it’s inside. the flowers smell amazing. this tree gave me 13 lemons, then took a year off & this year, it appears i shall have a great deal more.

the fourth photo is a photo of my blueberry flowers-to-be. these bushes were planted 7 years ago & last year the bushes gave us so many blueberries, i had to give some away & freeze tons of them.

the pink/white flowers are on my wee peach tree (it stands about four feet high). this stunner is two years old & grew two almost perfect peaches its first year…i shared them with the deer.

the last (terrible) photo is my orange tree. like my lemon tree, it too is in a pot. it is two years old & lives three seasons on my deck & comes inside during the winter. AND THIS YEAR, i have flowers-to-be for the first time EVER.

i want to be a trendsetter…i want people to start buying fruit trees/bushes or strawberries for their flowers & fruit. i want people bring in the bees, make the bees fat & happy…and if you wait a while, you’ll have fruit to eat too. for the first few years, you will have to share your fruit with the birds, deer & rabbits, after a while, you’ll have enough for everyone.

in my suburban backyard, i have strawberries, peaches, grapes, blueberries, raspberries planted in the dirt. in pots, i have lemons & oranges growing. How cool is that?!

Oh, year…buy local, the best place to buy your fruit trees/bushes is your locally owned nurseries b/c they will carry the types that will thrive in your area. BUY LOCAL

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  1. keebslac1234 says:

    Great photos! Great motivators!


  2. lemony69 says:

    Gorgeous pictures! 🙂


  3. very cool indeed. And lovely pics too 🙂


  4. wildcatroars says:

    I love the droplets on the leaves, absolutely beautiful!


  5. Wonderful, hope you have a great harvest! Lovely pics too👌


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