gardens remain mum

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i planted two types of white mums last spring. i bought them in the grocery store, i believe they were intended as mother’s day gifts. i took them home & separated them into three sections, planting them in a hodge-podge way. i watched them struggle through the heat of Alabama summers. i wondered if they would live until fall. under the November skies, they thrived & i have a house full. sometimes, we need patience to wait & see if things will thrive in their own time.

16 thoughts on “gardens remain mum

    1. Oh, thank you so very much. Winter now, but i still have mums, i just have to buy them at the store. But i swore to myself when i was a little girl, that i would have fresh flowers in my house everyday. I’m living that dream. Sometimes, dreaming small makes it easy to come to pass! ~amy

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    1. Oh, I am very lucky, Julie! Mums, in Alabama come back every year. Mother’s day is when they sell the ones that look like daisies. Next May…I’m buying more! They do so well in my gardens. Thank you! ~amy


  1. I am so happy to see this post! On a walk today, one house had a huge bed of these and all I could think of was ‘daisies.’ I knew that wasn’t right. They are beautiful.


    1. Loisajay, they DO look just like daisies, that is why i bought them. I never have luck with daisies here. Alabama summers are not too kind to mine. I bought these at the grocery store last May & divided them into three pieces…I was so excited when i saw they had bud on them in October!!! I’ve got to pick the rest today because we are to have a freeze tomorrow. Thank you for your comment!!! ~amy

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