the 2 second photography lesson w/iphone

¬†Shoot in shade & add (Warmth) red/yellow to correct for (cool) blue/cyan…that is the two second lesson but if you like to know more…like why you hate photos of yourself, because you don’t think you look that bad, read on. 1. when you take are trying to take a photo with your iPhone, does a…

the painted white stripe

the first image…the flower is positioned so well, that it looked like it was painted, along with the strip on the park lot.

my garden shines

wow. changes happen overnight…i suppose the expression, “When nature calls” it means something completely different for me. i feel the need to go outside every morning to see what is new.

delicate deception

this flower looks so fragile, but it is one of the first to emerge from the dirt in spring, strong as an ox. it comes on the heels of winter & has been seen covered in snow, freezing rain, it has held fast in a hard frost…it can handle all this assault from Mother Nature’s…

rescuing the flowers

i cut all my flowers in the gardens because the cold is coming. i’d rather them be toasty warm inside my house. EVERYWHERE. Lucky me.