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this is my Monday, after school, art class…three 1st grade girls (my classes are no more then 3 children at a time, that i way, i get to create art with them)  i know these girls have been taught all day long, so i make my teaching very brief. At first, it is difficult to grab attention, but as they WATCH what i bring to life, they become silent. Then they cannot wait to begin. frustration comes quickly when they cannot do what i have done. I explain to them that i am years ahead in mistakes & corrections.

i tell them, that i know i will make mistakes when i try new things…

i tell them that i am brave when i attempt something new.

i tell them that i am smart to learn from my mistakes.

i tell them i am strong to continue to try.

once they were happy with their pears,  i set them free to color the background as they wish. freedom in creativity is more important then controlled teaching because that is the time they can explore their medium, learn to correct their mistakes & test their imaginations.

life for a child is very structured, especially at school, but when the kids are given a chance at freedom, that is the time when they are living totally in the moment, focused on what they CAN do…not what they SHOULD do.

life lived in the moment, is when time ceases to be relevant & sights, sounds, colors become brighter & THAT is when children (adults too) discover & learn the most.

it is also the time when children fall head over heels in love with just…being.



11 thoughts on “teaching the artist to SEE…

  1. I wish i’d had an art teacher like you as a child. But then again, if i’d learned to use pencils, brushes and crayons, i might never have picked up the camera…

    Stunning post. And… drawing on sandpaper? Creative you most certainly are, Ms Saab!


    1. Alessandro, i didn’t have an art teacher outside of school, but i did have a father who taught me photography at the age of 5 & up. When my daughter was born, i couldn’t get outside to shoot as often & had to get the art out of me, so i taught myself to paint & learned both gave me the “live in the moment” feeling. 220 grit sandpaper & soft pastel rock! ~amy


  2. Yes this is a beautiful post Amy.

    “life lived in the moment, is when time ceases to be relevant & sights, sounds, colors become brighter & THAT is when children (adults too) discover & learn the most”.

    Very true indeed.


    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it, Marcus. It isn’t very often that i write, because i know people prefer to just brows through images. Teaching art to children…they have taught me more about art, life & freedom than anything else ever could. ~amy


  3. Oh wow, Amy… you are a wonderful art teacher. These kids are going to be brave and smart and strong – willing to experiment, not afraid to try something new – and they’re going to soar! Beautiful.


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