the sun was photobombed by a moth

46 thoughts on “the sun was photobombed by a moth

    1. Yes, that is how i thought of it, as a reward! I’ve no idea the name of the moth, but whatever type it may be, it sure was fast for me not to notice! Thank you for the compliment. ~amy


    1. Oh, i’m so flattered you liked the title. I always have fun trying to come up with something that makes me smile & you’re the first to compliment me on a title, Aiden! Thank you so much. ~amy


    1. Thank you. I was composing the image, leaving enough of the perfect contrast of blue sky to the yellow petals…as luck would have it, i had a self-centered moth wishing to be photographed. Had i planned it…never would have happened. Thank you! ~amy


    1. Ha! I’ve decide the only reason for my ‘luck’ was that the moth wished to be photographed. Had it been my choice, he surely would have been a blur! Yes, i was lucky! And i did rejoice in it! ~amy


  1. What a wonderful ‘chance’ shot! Sometimes the unexpected really can add another dimension to an image. The sunflower is beautiful in itself, but the visiting creature lends a real ‘living image’ perspective. Wonderful πŸ™‚


  2. Lovely! I just scheduled a post for tomorrow morning on a remarkably similar theme. Then I came to my reader and saw your picture. Funny coincidence. Look for “Bee” in the morning.
    – Chris


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