funky echinacea

24 thoughts on “funky echinacea

    1. The bees were covering the purple…somethings. So i bought the purples somethings b/c I thought they would bring me more bees! We’ve had two hummingbirds move in. I’m SO excited about that. Thank you, Karen. ~amy


    1. I would buy seeds, but i have failed far too many times in growing anything from them. It wasn’t that expensive really, they were $9…but i could buy 2 regular for the same price…I still may go back! Thank you, jen. ~amy


    1. No, those were so different then the standard ones. The regular echinacea looks like a large daisy, its center is blackish & stands up a little bit. These were so AWESOME & unfortunately expensive. Thank you for your lovely comment. ~amy


    1. This echinacea is so great! I don’t remember where i found it & i’ve never seen it since, so every summer, i beg it to live strong & spread like wild fire. I wish you luck with yours. ~amy


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