my daughter creates


my daughter has spent the last few days making colorful circles. i gave her sky blue matt board for her to put the circles into her design. my daughter, three years ago, created a stained glass & sharpie art work that has gotten over 100,000 views. she hasn’t made anything much since then, so i’m so happy to share with you the beginning of, what i believe, is going to be a stunner.

16 thoughts on “my daughter creates

  1. I love the energy which has gone into this artwork so far. You can just feel how connected she is to the creation and how she has invested herself in it.


    1. Absolutely, Karen. I didn’t know what she was doing in her room all day, until she brought me a almost foot tall pile of circles asking me if i wanted them. I asked her to make them into one piece. I’m very impatient. but I’m not nagging 🙂 I think if she knows i care too much, she’ll not do anything. ~amy


      1. It seems if i encourage, she rebels & stops. So i say nothing except when she shows me what she has done, then I get really exited. I’m not a fan of 13 year old girls. Both mine where anti-mom! Grrrr. ~amy

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