i made a headstone for my pets

DSC_0259 2 DSC_0267 DSC_0289 DSC_0679 copy

the first image is wet with the white Mod Podge. when it dries, it becomes clear…

i wanted to make something personalized for my dog & cat graves. my cat, Walter is under a tree in our backyard. our dog Blue is at the lake. i looked into having something made, but it was far too much money…besides, i wanted to make something myself. i photographed this stepping stone i found & edited it.  i added a bit of texture & color…then add their names.

after i finished editing, i printed both on one sheet of 8.5×11 stock card. i cut them out & sprayed the back & the front with varnish (a must b/c the color will bleed with the heavy amounts of wet Mod Podge). I found the stones beside our creek, i applied a HEAVY amount of Mod Podge to the back of the picture & the stone itself (i did this after varnish dried on the card stock) i used my fingers to press the paper into the uneven surfaces of the rocks, then i Mod Podged the front, still rubbing the photo as best i could to the stone. i will continue putting mod podge over the stone & picture for the next few days (maybe five coats)…so that it can last a while.

the last picture is for you to take off my blog & edit for the animal you loved & lost.

25 thoughts on “i made a headstone for my pets

  1. Oh Amy, that is such a lovely thing you have made. It is so like you to create something which unites your heart and your creativity.
    Thank you so much


    1. Thank you so much, Karen. I left my name of the original so that anyone can take it & personalize it for their own lost loves. I hope someone does. Thank you so much for your thank you. 🙂 ~amy


  2. Lovely work, Amy. We left many pets behind buried in our garden when we moved from Fremantle, Western Australia, but we had planted roses in our garden for each one so their memory would live on. When we lived in Bowraville, mid-north coast of New South Wales, we lost our 16.5 year old Jack Russell, Rosie, but we had a perfect spot in the corner of the garden there with a big bush which leaned over providing shade and care, and with her we buried a lovely rock – a bright pink cobaltian calcite, which my husband suggested, to my surprise.


    1. I wrap my beloved pets in my t-shirts so that they have me holding them for as long as nature allows. It brings me comfort to know that all the animals that i have loved are still wrapped up in my arms…and heart. I love that you added things for Rosie. Sixteen years is a very long time to have your angel on earth. Thank you for sharing your story with me. ~amy

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    1. Thank you, Karen. I miss my animals that have left me behind. At least putting their name to stone, without expense reminds me of them & in that, in turn, keeps them deep & close to my heart. ~amy


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