when chronic pain wins the day…

32 thoughts on “when chronic pain wins the day…

    1. Yes! Ivy is my one black cat. Hobbes has a solid black back, so in this picture he is rolled up into a ball. The only time the cats lay together on my bed is when I feel bad. Otherwise, they play Goldielocks & look for the perfect bed. I am always so honored that they know i am hurting & they want to comfort me. They are a Blessing. ~amy


    1. Thank you for understanding what i was trying to say about my pets. They do know when any of us feel unwell & they tend to snuggle tighter. I consider my pets as my temporary angels on earth. ~amy


    1. i agree too. I usually only have one cat on my bed at a time. I’ve noticed they both lay down with me when I am hurting. They know & they care. That is very healing.


  1. With such loving attendants, I hope you recover soon, Amy. Warm healing energies flowing your way. May you be well, may you be peaceful, may you be happy.


    1. Thank you, Reggie. I have learned to enjoy the good days, still knowing that they won’t last long. The most important lesson i’ve learned is to remember the bad days won’t last long either…that lesson was hard to learn. Thank you so much for you lovely comment. Warm healing energy received. ~amy


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