the last pea

8 thoughts on “the last pea

  1. What a fabulous place! You are so lucky to have this Aladdin’s cave on your doorstep. Garden centre’s here often are full of tatty cheap items for the masses who arrive in coach loads to go to the cafes. They are not all bad, of course, but I have to travel a long way to visit nice ones. I love the birdhouse.
    There is a good place in Cornwall which is a Duchy Nursery, which means it is owned by Prince Charles. I must visit and take photos to share- it’s just that I can never seem to leave my garden, There is so much work to do!


    1. I am surprised that you don’t have nurseries like this one. Yours sound like our flea markets. I would love to visit you & to the place in Cornwall. But then i wouldn’t be able to take anything home with me except photographs…but that would be enough for me. Your garden is a great place to be ‘trapped’ by. It is work for the soul, which must be tended just as a garden. I work in my gardens in the very early morning & after the sunsets & there is just enough light to see. It is too hot to be in the gardens during the day. Besides when I see my plants bent over as though they are trying to hide from the heat of the sun, it hurts my heart. Thankfully they perk right up when the sun disappears over the trees. One of my most favorite time to garden is the pouring rain, i can feel the earth’s pleasure in the cool drink…am i crazy? ~amy


    1. Wow. Thank you so much, Eva! Your photographs that i’ve been finding of FB have been good medicine for me as well. You really have a brilliant eye for the everyday that surrounds you. ~amy


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