lamb’s ear meets the bee

12 thoughts on “lamb’s ear meets the bee

      1. I have a whole bed of them, they aren’t even close to being as beautiful as your photograph – you caught wonderful shadows and lighting.


    1. It takes a steady hand & the perfect light. Usually when you try to do macro, your depth of field is narrowed, & your exposer time is quicker. It is hard to shoot at anything below a 30th of a second w/o a tripod. if you camera tells you this information in the view finder (i always use the view finder to gain this information) then you will know if you can get a clean shot or not…~amy


      1. Wow, that is a very technical operation and I’m kind of intimidated by the proceeding! I’m not a professional photographer so I let go of ever taking shots of bees and small creatures and let you take over (to bad you’re not here, I would ask you to teach me the how to part). I will just stick with the level of comfort I feel I can handle and enjoy your professional skills displayed on your site Amy. I really appreciate your intention and good advise to guide me through this but I’m a chicken. I just “freaked” out how complicated is and made me realize is not easy to be a good shot taker, so hereby I declare that Amy Saab is the best photographer I know and I’m glad I found her!


  1. These make me want to go out and spend the next week doing nothing but photographing flowers. But I won’t because when I look at them they won’t be half as good as these.


    1. Oh, what a wonderful compliment. but untrue! In this digital age, when you can take as many pictures as possible, you can find out what works & what doesn’t. You should go try…advice being just don’t shoot in the full noon sun! Thank you so much, Simon. ~amy


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