the flower puzzles me

16 thoughts on “the flower puzzles me

  1. I just LOVE IT, it screams out perfect perfection in the most bizarre strange way! Every little detail of this wonderful flower is out of this world, the color, the design, the texture….must be the most beautiful alien plant created by nature or by a human being(which ever I don’t care actually) I ever saw! Thanks for sharing your amazing discovery and for a wonderful shot!


    1. I loved it too…but still there was something strange about it. It looked like a dying flower, but it was not at all. So to me it was a bit like seeing decay. I may go back & get it so I can watch the blossoms come & go, just so I know what it is meant to be! I’m so glad you loved it, Eva. I hope it inspires a wonderful shoe design or inspires you to head to a near by nursery! ~amy


      1. You’re welcome! There are some pretty wild hybrids out there these days…I used to follow the work of some of the hybridizers (I’m a big plant nerd).


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