what to do with my kids over summer break

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i have an 11 year old son & a 13 year old daughter. if they had their way, they would be hermits…hermits hiding their rooms, with their brains dripping out their ears from too much internet. i made up a schedule of things that GOING TO HAPPEN everyday. one hour at least outside (yes, a lost generation that does not, “go outside & play!” although…i do get it, i had Vermont summers with temps averaging 70-80 degrees, while they have Alabama summers, with temps averaging 85-100 degrees…”yes, you can combine reading with outside time.” my daughter asked because of her new hammock. monday is library day, after collecting our books, we took a walk around Crestline Village, a cute town in Birmingham. the kids played lawn chess for about 10 minutes, with my daughter taking pieces off the board within minutes. the kids took some photographs with lessons from me (and THEY LISTENED?!) i am trying to keep my kids reading & writing because i’ve read kids can lose almost a full grade in both! Summer vacations seem to be more work for moms then all the other seasons combined.

one day down, a million more to go…wish me luck.

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  1. looks like us mom’s are on the same page! I like it!! My goal exactly. Now I just need to find a hammock, been looking:)


    1. Amy Saab says:

      Oh, good luck finding one…maybe World Market? Good luck to us both getting through the summer without going NUTS!~amy


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