i don’t know what it is, but i want it…

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ok. i grew up in a very small town. every store/shop/doctor was owned by MY neighbor. Montpelier, Vermont doesn’t want big chains to take over the uniqueness of the town. my father had his own practice as the local optometrist. i gotta tell you, wherever my father went, people would greet him by name. i thought he was famous.

then i moved to Birmingham, Alabama. there are strip malls, big MALLS, chains galore, franchises EVERYWHERE. BUT,ย ย there are Beautiful small towns within the big city. i decided that i wanted to post images of these shops(sometimes) because i strongly believe in supporting my local economy.

when i find a beautiful shop, i ask the owner or manager if i can feature their shop on my blog. i don’t charge for this when i walk in.(all of my photographs go to WordPress (3,000+ followers) Twitter, Facebook (300+ friends) Digg, Linkedin, Stumbled upon, reddit, Pinterest, Tumbler, pocket & google plus…)

This flower was at Oak Street Garden Shop, Birmingham (Crestline) Alabama.


14 thoughts on “i don’t know what it is, but i want it…

  1. Any, I meant to tell you today we don’t have the yucca in stock now, but I’ll let you know when we do. Also, I love your pictures and blog! I posted a link to it in our next weekly email going out this Thursday.
    Kris Blevons
    Oak Street Garden Shop


  2. Amy, I have thought about doing something similar in the past. I just haven’t gotten out to search around for places yet. I mostly would want to search for local artists/musicians and perhaps write about them and/or feature their pictures on my blog if they don’t mind. Thanks for the reminder. You are a generous soul to do this for your community! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Oh, I do so hope you do that. The news is so frightening, when i watch or read it, i feel powerless. the politicians fighting about the things they can’t change. I do this to remind myself that change begins with me. I would love to see your town’s artists/musicians. Those would be great blog posts. ~amy


  3. Amy, Thanks for writing about Oak Street Garden Shop – it was so nice talking with you. By the way, the flower you saw in our side garden is a variegated yucca bloom. Come back any time! Kris Blevons, Oak Street Garden Shop


    1. Thank you, Kris! I had a wonderful time, so much eye candy. I will be back, next time with my real camera. I love everything i bought. Do you sell the variegated yucca bloom? ~amy


  4. Wotcha, Amy. I’ve nominated you for the Most Versatile Blogger Award, you won’t have seen it because it’s on my book blog. Here’s the link:
    If you don’t want to accept, it’s fine as some people like to participate in awards and some don’t. I find some of the rules & regs a bit complicated so I simplify them to fit what I can and can’t do. However, be aware, that if you turn this down, I will make a little wax model of you and stick in pins. No, slapping hands, just my warped sense of humour! Do what you will with impunity, Gorgeous!


  5. Looks like a yucca plant? At least the flowers do … Did it have pointy, fleshy leaves, sort of like a mean aloe vera plant?

    BTW big stores drive me nuts. I LOVE finding a little, locally owned to explore — it’s like picking through someone’s personality, curated through objects.


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