sometimes everything falls into place


as a photographer, i really love it when it happens. perfect light, calm subject…orchids. Obviously not mine, as i am a notorious orchid killer.

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  1. laura lecce says:

    I’m an absolute orchid lover, and taken hundreds if not thousands of photos of my orchids (have yet to put any on my blog though, as its daunting even thinking of sorting through them!). I have trouble getting my camera to capture the reds (they usually come out very pink). Any suggestions as to how to fix this? (I guess I can just color correct in photoshop though).


    1. If the reds turn pink, then you need to add ‘warmth’ if you have that editing tool. But what is happening is when shot in shadow, everything is blue–this is what the camera sees not us. So in order to correct, you add yellow. if the camera sees it as cyan-then you add magenta. If the reds are super saturated & look weird–you just un-saturate the color. I hope this helps. ~amy

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