dirty dog

i have no idea how she did this, but it is adorable!

who wants to brush the dog?

Poor Nala has been neglected. My whole family & me…got the stomach bug. I gotta say, when i finally recovered, i felt like Dr. Frankenstein, with a twist, “I’m Alive, i’m alive, i’m alive” off to brush the dog.

Operation Quicksilver

Quicksilver is our feral cat. His ear has been clipped by a vet after being fixed. Someone, AMAZING, found a cat colony & took them all to be fixed, then returned them to their original home. Which is the Shell gas station down the street. Quicksilver left the Shell station & met Hobbes, our cat….

ice see you, my hot husky

yesterday i found that a child o’ mine left the freezer door open…God only knows how long. It was, however, long enough to turn the ice into a solid chunk. I dumped it on the brick pathway & a large piece landed in front of my husky. Nala doesn’t care for ice…normally. She was hot….

a boy & his dog

This is Henry & our Siberian Husky…she needs lots of hug while being brushed.

snow in June…in Alabama?!

photography by Henry Saab, my 11yr old son. i think he did a great job. as for me? I got really, really furry & dirty. But she is worth it

the professor will take your questions now…

“Professor Nala, why do you have dribble on your chin?” “bite me, mom” she thought (you can tell by her expression that is what she thought, do you see it too? 🙂 photography by Henry Saab (my 11 year old son)

me & my dog

an oldie but goodie. i found this photo among my many thousands today. Apple took iPhoto away from me & replaced it with crap. i am putting all my images somewhere else. anyone else dislike the new “update”? UGH! Apple, you made my week, hell.