farm to table restaurants in Birmingham

There is a long list of restaurants, in Birmingham, Alabama, that use fresh produce from local farmers.  By choosing a restaurant that buys it’s fresh produce from our local farmers, you are supporting two local businesses. I would suggest googling Farm to Table in Birmingham, Alabama (or your own city) next time you’re thinking of a different place to eat.

Here, in Birmingham, Alabama, DSC_1163DSC_1117DSC_1118DSC_1193DSC_1209DSC_1181DSC_1172 are a few known for buying locally grown produce:

Bottega, Hot & Hot Fish Club, Woodlawn Cycle Cafe, The Fig Tree, Avondale Brewing, Feast & Forest, Oscars at the Museum (of art), Bistro 218, Eli’s Jerusalem Grill…to name a very few.

photos were taken at the Market at Pepper Place (or as i call it the Farmer’s Market at Pepper place)

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