the tomatoes? they grow…

these are a type of cherry tomato. i have better luck with small tomatoes because my gardens are not full sun.

farm fresh veggies @ Oak Street Garden shop

tomato lovers…if you buy green tomatoes with ripe ones & leave them on your counter or table, they will ripen over time (a few days) & taste JUST. LIKE. YOU. PICKED. THEM. OUT. OF. YOUR. GARDEN! 115 Oak St. Birmingham, Alabama  #buylocal

the most beautiful jello in the world…

this jello was made by my brother-in-law’s girlfriend. Irene has many talents, one being an amazing violin player. She is a performer for Modern Gypsies. The donuts at the bottom are from an old fashion Donut shop in Hoover, Alabama. They are insanely good. But i decided I’d have Irene’s Jello instead.

When the cake becomes art

Gia’s Cakes, LLC.  Gia Mccollister’s shop/bakery/art gallery o’ yum is located in Crestline Villiage. The address is 73 Church Street, Birmingham, Alabama 35213.  Her website is I walked past the shop on the way to visit a friend, & was stopped short by my nose, then my sight.  A beautiful place to visit &…

Becoming ripe

these are photos of our gardens…the cherry tomato I picked off the vine & popped into my mouth, blew my tastebuds away.  The tomatoes at publix taste like water & are mealy, while freshly grown are as flavorful as ketchup or salsa compared to water.  Amazing difference, the only reason I am a fan of…

Steel bars covering glass & bone

I use a program to try & make my images look as they did in life. I wish I could fix the world just as easily. Steel bars with the offer of hot wings behind them. A security camera painted green so as to blend into the roof. I don’t live near places like this….

But its Sunday

But its Sunday

I’m kidding, I love the old fashion look of this shop. Its on Crosshaven Drive & sells dinners for your family