the dirty bird

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I don’t understand why they are thought of as flying rats. The clean up after us, like little street cleaners. They have an internal compass & can always find their way home. So if our power grid, satellites, communication via phones ever get knocked out by the sun…we can use them for messengers again. Their poo can be used as fertilizer.  AND people used to eat them. Some still do. If you look close enough you can see that they have feathers that shine like a peacocks. Peacocks just strut around thinking they are kings of everything.  Just sayin’

11 thoughts on “the dirty bird

  1. I think for me all the negativity started with an old Genesis song called “Spot the Pigeon”. “They carry seven known diseases and put fifty tons of shit on the foreign office roof.” But in all seriousness, I cannot imagine my times in Manhattan on a park bench with my little fat friends.


    1. Ha! I wouldn’t wish for you to sit on a Manhattan bench covered in their shit. I wouldn’t want that either…i suppose i only had positive things to say because i don’t have them in my neighborhood, only downtown. Downtown Birmingham, Alabama has far scarier things then pigeons. Thanks for you comment, you made me laugh. A gift, that. ~amy


  2. I always loved seeing pigeons in the cities; they were a glimpse of something natural. They’re also called rock doves, and I wonder if more people knew they are actually doves if that would improve their image!


    1. Perhaps man should reconsider this bird as a positive. if it really thought about all the positives it does for us. People are far grosser then a pigeon. People drop their food out of their cars, miss the trash cans…the pigeons should be thought of janitors & someone should collect the bird poo & use it for their gardens. They lost their value after no one needed messages sent. Thanks Gretchen. I hope you are happy & HEALTHY. ~amy


  3. Excellent little commentary and so true. I thought I was the only one who liked them. Growing up in Brooklyn the old men raised homing pigeons on the roofs and I remember playing with them (of course they are pets so they’re clean)
    Thanks for the post !!


      1. Very true. I also like other pests like raccoons. One day diane and i saw a family of four in a tree right near our house. Its rare to see them in daylight abs even odder to see 4 together. The baby could only make it half way up. Simply adoreable


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