Quicksilver vs Oliver

The pup is Oliver. He is 14 weeks old now. The photo above was taken at the Humane Society.  The vet said he would weigh about 80 pounds when full grown. I don’t have any photographs of Oliver right now, because he has mites from his mother. He has been given medication, unfortunately, he is…

caught in her beautiful eyes

Someone is a very lucky puppy owner. She looks like a bowl of chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips, don’t you just want to eat her up?! St. Albans, Vermont

gold covered puppy

there is a reason it is called the golden hour…late afternoon sun turns the world to gold. This is Cole.

the tomato stealing pup

Cole (4mo puppy of mysterious parental origins) & i went out to garden. Alabama is still summer & there are tomatoes. We are so SICK of tomatoes, but…Cole is not. My back was turned from him & i hear my husband say, “Coles is eating your tomatoes” See?! 1. i photographed my bounty. 2. i…

Cole, the tomato stealing, puppy

The best photobomb ever! The pup ate two cherry tomatoes, then stole a third, to toss around as a toy…i guess he lost a taste for them!  These tomatoes were picked from my gardens.

we got a puppy!!

Cole is hiding between my knees because Nala walked into the room.  Nala grrrrrrr-ed at him because he was chewing on her toes. He is learning. The injury to his ear was there when we got him, i think a sibling must have done it. He weighs 4.5lbs & is 2.5 months old.  My kids…