Cole, the tomato stealing, puppy

9 thoughts on “Cole, the tomato stealing, puppy

  1. What a coincidence!! I just bought some cherry tomatoes this evening for snacks — though I’m missing a dog to share ’em with me… Thanks for connecting with me btw! I’m looking forward for more posts from you ❤ Cheers!


    1. Ha, can’t share your tomatoes. I don’t think my pup would eat them if i fed them to him. He likes to get into trouble…he also eats leaves, papers & whatever else he finds. Thank you for the follow & i hope to see you in my reader! ~amy


  2. It’s funny how that goes w/dogs. Sometimes, my pooch goes wild for a carrot, sometimes she couldn’t care less, and sometimes the first couple are amazing and then the 4th carrot is entirely uninteresting. I haven’t figured out the pattern yet, but I’m sure it all makes sense in her head.


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