the tomato stealing pup

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Cole (4mo puppy of mysterious parental origins) & i went out to garden. Alabama is still summer & there are tomatoes. We are so SICK of tomatoes, but…Cole is not. My back was turned from him & i hear my husband say,

“Coles is eating your tomatoes”


1. i photographed my bounty.

2. i photographed the evidence of his thieving ways…we did get him out of jail (The Birmingham Humane Society is no jail, it is a wonderful place) perhaps he was placed there by a tomato farmer, who saw that his potential income would be considerably less if he were to keep this pup.

Lucky us…although, he will be, pardon the appropriate pun, “sick as a dog” today.

17 thoughts on “the tomato stealing pup

  1. I had a cat who went next door and “hunted” their tomatoes and squash and would bring the results of his hunting foray and lay at my feet. my neighbor was so good – she planted extra just for him. Cole has such incredible eyes.


    1. That is so funny! A vegetarian cat! Hobbes brings me moles. I love that your neighbor plants extra for him. I was told that you should plant enough fruit/veggies to share with nature. Although, i don’t think they were thinking of a cat. 🙂 Thank you for complimenting Cole! ~amy


  2. My mother raised dogs for sometime. One found a dish of tomato sause left on a table. The dog had bloody stool and almost died, please ask the vet if this is is alright for the dog.


    1. Wow. That is terrible, Bonnie! I was worried he would be sick, but he was not. I suppose because he is still a puppy, he can consume strange things more so then a full grown dog. I’ve seen him eat paper, swallow paper napkins, fluff from his toys…they all come out at the end…of him. I try to catch him, but he is so quick! ~amy


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