we got a puppy!!

DSC_0010 2 DSC_0011

Cole is hiding between my knees because Nala walked into the room.  Nala grrrrrrr-ed at him because he was chewing on her toes. He is learning. The injury to his ear was there when we got him, i think a sibling must have done it. He weighs 4.5lbs & is 2.5 months old.  My kids don’t remember having a puppy, we got Blue (our solid white Siberian Husky) when my son was 3 months old & Sophie was 2.5. So this puppy thing is all new to them. But Cole LOVES to snuggle. We got Cole at the Birmingham Humane Society.


the second photo is out of focus because i put my camera on the floor in front of us. 🙂

49 thoughts on “we got a puppy!!

  1. What a handsome guy. I’m also going to be a puppy mummy, except I’m raising him for the South African Guide Dogs Association so he’ll have to go off to guide dog school when he’s an adult. 😦 Thanks for the follow 🙂 Hope you enjoy the craziness.


    1. Oh, Jem, you are an angel then, to give your heart, then to release it for a good cause. I’m very impressed that people are able to do it. I wish i was strong enough, brave enough to do the same. Both my two cats & the pup came from the local shelter/Humane Society. My husky, i got from Alabama Siberian Husky Rescue, she was to be fostered by us & then we were to give her to her “forever home” but she walked through our door, it was obvious to all of us that she was a Saab. Thank you, Jem. You are a hero. ~amy


  2. Sooo cute. We got our Max from the Humane Society also and he and Cole look like siblings. Max is Shepherd, hound of some sort – so we were told. DNA test said he was Shepherd, Spaniel, Maltese – hard to believe. He is about 54 pounds and going on 7. Dogs bring great joy – snuggle up.


    1. You got a new picture, Mo! I love it. My husband would never allow that. This pup is very small boned, like a rat terrier, but has the face of a big dog. A GOSH he LOVES to snuggle! I’ve never had a dog that liked to snuggle! I’m so happy! ~amy


    1. Oh, its the best kind of work. I’ve got a daughter moving out to go to college far away & i thought having a little baby would keep me too busy to miss her as much! Thank you for your compliment on his adorableness! ~amy


  3. Congratulations! Welcome to the puppy world. We have a chocolate lab puppy that we got last month. She was 9 pounds when we brought her home. Good luck!


  4. Aw, what a complete cutie. Gotta love that face. Any idea what breed(s) he is?

    As a side note, this is a great example that yes, you can find adorable puppies at the humane society/animal shelter and not just adult dogs.


    1. I believe he is a Heinz 57 dog. His legs remind me of a rat terrier, his coloring a bit pug like, no idea how he got such a big dog look about him. Whatever he is, he won’t get big, nor is he as furry as my other dog (Siberian Husky) I am SO happy with him. ~amy

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      1. Who could resist such lovely puppy eyes!?

        Okay, so you’ve had doggies before, so no real biggie about all the “less than cute factors” — but saving a life and welcoming a new member to the house is truly awesome.

        I’m sure Nala will adjust, with extra loving time 🙂

        Cole is a handsome beau!

        And I have to say, after reading through the comments, it seems quite a few have recently acquired new puppy friends, myself included, about 3 months ago now.
        How time flies!

        Great images Amy – and of course, like so many others, I’ll be looking forwards for more to come 🙂


      2. Thank you so much, Pat. He is smart as a whip! He is learning faster then any puppy i’ve ever had. He is 3 months old & is almost potty trained, mostly because he has Nala to teach him too. She is learning to like him, the only time they don’t get along, is when they are both receiving love from me. I love being jealous of, but i don’t tolerate it from either one. ~amy


      3. I’m glad to hear that it’s going well with Cole and the family. Ah, sibling rivalry — never an easy thing, but I suspect that Nala will soon figure out that there is clearly more than enough in your family too 🙂


      4. Thank you, Pat. I know that Nala does like him…a little. Her tail wags when they walk together, she only gets upset when I’m sitting at my desk & they both want to lay at me feet. 🙂 ~amy


      5. I have the same thing going on here — Neikah (just turned 2) gets a little resentful when Sierra (just turned 6 months) wants more attention — so the sibling fighting starts. Talk about a flashback to *my* childhood – but it always sorts itself out 🙂


      6. Exactly, Pat. Nala, my husky, has no choice in letting Cole join the pack. She will get over it & start training him to be a great dog. Thank you for sharing your story with me! ~amy


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