our new puppy

64 thoughts on “our new puppy

  1. I’m going to confess … when I saw the pictures, I was sad and angry because I just assumed you’d bought him from a breeder. (Please forgive me … I’ve had some experiences over the past few years that make it hard to assume the best of people.) Then I did a little more reading around your website, and I’m so, so happy to see that you know about rescue, and choose to rescue dogs rather than going to a breeder. I retired recently from running a rescue for a bit over five years – it was exhausting and heartbreaking and wonderful, and I’m almost ready to start blogging about it. Enjoy your baby; he looks darling!


    1. Oh, I’ve only gone to a breeder for my first Husky, who pasted away after 10 years of heaven. I bought him b/c I got to see where he was raised, it was called the Husky farm. It was a wonderful place. I’d always adopted from the Humane Society or from people dumping pets at my vets office. The only reason i got the husky from a breeder was he was a gift to me from my husband before he was deployed to Iraq (my son was four months, daughter was 2.5 & my oldest was 8 & my husband was going to be gone over a year). I used to watch huskies race in Vermont growing up & fell in love with the breed then. We fostered a female Husky from a rescue & adopted her a few years ago. But when my big Husky died, i still ache from the loss of him, I asked for another male pup a few weeks ago. So off to the Humane Society for this Heinz 57 dog. We will always rescue.(both our cats are rescue) I’m happy to hear that you ran a rescue. Your work must have been all those things you said & I greatly admire anyone strong enough to do the work you did. Thank you for liking my new baby. He is wonderful! ~amy


    1. He is a Heinz 57 dog. We have no idea. The Humane Society said he was a lab mix. But his body is more like a terrier. I just fell in love at first sight! thank you! ~amy


    1. Thank you, Eva. Princess Nala is coming around. She was very jealous at first & growled like a wolf for the first few days, but now she growls with her tail wagging…like a Mama dog. I’m happy about that. He is so hyper & she is so chilled out, that I’m hoping she teaches him to calm down as he gets older! The Birmingham Humane Society named him Winston & I really liked the name, but we wanted to make him our own by giving him a new first name. ~amy


      1. I’m so glad that you feel that way when you walk the dogs. I tried volunteering at Humane Society, but it was too hard for me. So I donate money, towels & newspapers instead. 🙂 ~amy


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