Cats are smarter than dogs


This is Juju (short for Judah). Stunning, isn’t he? Juju loves art. I have a dog too…he has no interest in art. He likes to lie under his hanging leash, trying to guilt me into another walk. No matter how many times i’ve walked him. I can also find him chewing rocks in my backyard. Smart, no?

I think my cat having an interest in the arts is proof positive that cats are more intelligent than dogs. This is my second cat to love art. I thought my first art lover was a fluke. His name was Hobbes. One of my biggest regret is not having a photo of me holding Hobbes. I’ve not one image of us. I have thousands of images of him…see (way) below. So today i decided to take selfies with Juju…my art cat II.

IMG_5270 copy

I cleaned the art studio so that i could get the pastel commission off the kitchen table. As soon as i was ready to start. Juju decided that i wasn’t.

IMG_5546 copy

Ignore my bed head…i work best in the mornings. Juju was purring as he sniffed around.

IMG_5481 copy

Me loving him.


True love above. I LOVE this photo of us. I had no idea what he looked like when my phone took the pic. I’m printing this one.

Below are old photographs of my first art cat. This is my Hobbes. He died about four years ago. I miss him still.


He loved watching pencils leave lines behind it.


Hobbes grabbing his own pencil.

dsc_0064 (1)

He loved the smell of oil pastels (and sharpies). Luckily, he parked himself on the painting after it  was dry. The art is by my art students.

dsc_0030-copy-3 (1)

Trying to steal another pencil.

dsc_0011 (1)

One day, he walked right through blue paint & left this print behind. It measures 2×2…one of my favorite paintings i have.


This is Oliver. He has no interest in art. His interests are food, stealing cat food, going for walks, destroying everything, jumping on people, and the dog park. Oliver is a four months old German Shepard/black Lab mix from the Humane Society. The cats are helping me raise him. The cats hit him in the nose with their paws. Oliver now thinks that he must sit & hit me, & any cat that will tolerate it, with his paw. Its adorable, funny and very stupid. I love him too.


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  1. loisajay says:

    I remember sweet Hobbes. He did love keeping an eye on your art students.


    1. Thank you for remembering him. He was a star that burned far too short. I miss him. I cannot believe my luck in having another art lover. I have a female cat who interest lie only in me turning on the bathroom water faucet! Thank you so much!! ~amy

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Linda Corliss says:

    I loved reading about your fur babies and their connection with art. You have & have had some amazing pets.


    1. I’ve been very, very lucky with my male cats. Ivy, my female has no interest in anything i do, except turning on the bathroom faucet. Thank you Linda!


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