my black cat is scared of sunlight

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On rare occasions, Ivy, my cat, will be seen during the daytime. The first image is of her basking in the sun (a rare sight indeed). A friend of mine has a black cat too. I asked her about the shyness & she informed me that most black cats are like this. So based on these solid facts, i would have to say black cats are vampires.

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  1. Unusual phobia! Never heard of that before, but maybe he just gets too hot! Following you on Bloglovin.

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    1. Perhaps it is common with Vermonters? I’ve never heard of Bloglovin. Thank you for the follow! ~amy

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  2. Your black cat is beautiful .. my black kitty is such a scaredy cat, but doesn’t mind some sun bathing


    1. Ah! More proof…perhaps all those years of being thought of as bad luck or a witches cat is wired into their DNA to fear being seen? Just a thought 🙂 ~amy

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  3. smile – partly it could be because black absorbs heat, and the sun is extra hot for black animals – including my dog… (I haven’t checked lately, but I don’t think he’s a vampire).


    1. Hi Maureen…Ivy spends most her days hiding in closets. It is a rare site to see her in the daytime. And yes, she does like the sunlight. She is like a lizard trying to warm her vampire blood 🙂 ~amy

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  4. Linda Corliss says:

    Never heard that about black cats…. interesting! Linda

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    1. I’m not sure it is all cats, she told me that she read that for. ~amy


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