call off your puppy, said the boxer


Oliver finally (Vet’s office forgot to give me his rabies tag) visited his first dog park. He was annoying as usual, no…more so. He attacked & bit all of the big dogs. The dogs let him! And i kept thinking i wish some dog would bit him back, as his own mother would have. Didn’t happen. The boxer (as seen above) is silently begging me to pull the sharp fanged little…beast off of her.

I gotta say after an hour & half (i met some friends there) at the park, Oliver slept like the dead, for the next 5 hours.

This park is in Hoover, Alabama.

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  1. keebslac1234 says:

    A dog park with a water feature! Wonderful!


    1. Hi Keebslac, The park has all kinds of sections- playgrounds, walking path, open fields & two closed in dog sections. The park was built beside the river. It is wonderful to see such clean water in Birmingham. And i now know that Oliver has a perfect place to play when the temperatures reach into the upper 90’s this summer! ~amy


  2. Linda Corliss says:

    Maybe he was play biting, not aggressive biting. I love taking Honey to dog parks. She is antisocial but it’s fun to watch her trying to just stay away from the other dogs.


    1. Oliver started as play biting, but judging from the cries of the other dogs, he started biting harder. He jumps up & bites my fingers-and it hurts. I cannot wait until his teething/biting everything is over!! And i hope it warms up enough to take him to the park today. Being trapped by the rain has been hard for him. ~amy


  3. loisajay says:

    Oh, Amy–the look on that boxer’s face is so funny–“Please lady–make him go away!” The cute ones always get away with everything. And Oliver is adorable.


    1. I know, i felt really bad. Luckily there was an 11 month old dog who played with Oliver so that the boxer could get away. It was really awesome though! Oliver will soon be fit to be photographed for the blog. He got mites from his mom, that caused his fur on his face to fall out. He looked awful. But its growing back now. More pictures of him to come! Thank you loisajay!!! ~amy


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