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  1. Ah teenagers can be such little horrors .. I wasn’t great! But they must know how lucky they are to have you as their Mum!


    1. Hi Julie, Youre really sweet to say my kids think they’re lucky to have me. You’d have to pay them money to say so. I’m joking, we have our ups & downs every time were are together. Thank you!! ~amy

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  2. keebslac1234 says:

    Our two chillen have long struck out on their own, and their growing up several years apart has not diminished the bond between them. It’s astonishing to me that they remain so close separted by a couple of states. He’s so free and easy with his gifts. She’s so ready to shop with him and see that he looks relatively smart. They both have cemeted with the extended family that’s left, too. The friciton what was part of their growin up wit their parents seems to be a thing of the past. Thank God.

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    1. I have two brothers. There were years when a crowbar was required to pull us apart & other years my parents would need a bulldozer to push us together. Proof that all the bad things pass, just as the good things do. I treasure my shared history with my brothers. And knowing i did, i was able to convey to my own kids how much they will need each other throughout their lives. Kids only love their parents best for a short time…but life demands more. and i think siblings help us get through it. I feel bad for family who’s children are not close as adults. They need to recognize the importance of their shared history. You’re very lucky to have your children so close to one another when they were born so far apart. They are each other’s champions. Thank you for your comment! ~amy


  3. Lovely images to go with lovely sentiments. I don’t know how parents do it, but you seem to have found a way.


    1. Hi Steven, I think all parents find their own way. Otherwise, no one would have the little… people. Thank you for your wonderful compliments. ~amy


  4. Linda Corliss says:

    This is so touching; made me tear up/made me laugh. A gifted artist and artist thou art! Linda

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    1. You are so sweet to say so. I had Sophie read it. She made it to the “being nice because of the car” part & walked away. I read the rest aloud to her. She liked it when i finished. I told her it was from my perspective & i had to tell her the whole story. She still said she likes me aside from the car. Thank you for reading it! i love you! ~amy


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