her first music festival

This is day two. She walked into the art studio this morning, asking for my glitter. When i saw her, i thought, wow…before i say a word “mom, you should have seen how cool everyone looked yesterday.” and began to describe all that she had seen, or at least the best of it. i don’t care much about what others will look like,  i think she will outshine the sun.DSC_0701

Sloss Furnace Music Festival

9 thoughts on “her first music festival

    1. Oh, thank you so much! She has been told her whole life she looked like her dad, but with my coloring. She has begun saying to her friends, “I look like my mom, don’t i” first time i heard her say it, my heart hit the floor, alongside my chin. Happy Sunday ~amy

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      1. You’re welcome, Amy! Your photography is awesome. I think you are doing a great job with your “girls” and probably helping them feel accepted and appreciated very much. Keep up the great work! Happy Sunday to you, too!


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