at the bottom of the hill


from my daughter’s new high school, is a HUGE nursery. Andy’s Creekside Nursery is a privately owned & operated business on Rocky Ridge Road in Vestavia. #buylocal…

Here is the problem, i usually drop my daughter off at 8:00am, guess what time Andy’s opens?! yes, 8:ooam. i have an incredible weakness for nursery’s…and i have one balcony & a bit of space outside my apartment door.

Andy’s Creekside Nursery waters everything first thing in the morning. the great thing about having an iPhone on me at all times, means i can capture the diamonds resting atop the leaves & flowers. I love turning these images black & white because of the amazing contrast.

i think i’m gonna print the first one BIG. the leaf is darker at one point because it had turned brown…man, i love that one. ~amy

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