i put the cat food in the birdcage to keep the opossum…

img_7986…from eating the bowl clean. it worked for a few days, but the possum comes every night about midnight (like a werewolf)img_8136 & he found the food after three days. sadly, i wake up to the sounds of the starving cats, weak from hunger, because they only have food in their bowl from 6am until 11ish pm…This cat is Judah, my daughter’s teenager kitten (punk…the kitten, not my daughter) see how the whites of his eyes show in the lower inside corners? Usually if you can see the whites of a cat’s eyes, it will show in the upper, outside corner. Judah looks like he has human eyes with funky contact lenses on…Or he looks Marty Feldman (huge fan, he was in a few of Gene Wilder’s movies)




15 thoughts on “i put the cat food in the birdcage to keep the opossum…

    1. He is a strange looking cat, i do wonder how he will look as he ages. he has changed so much in such a short amount of time…as long as he keeps those white mittens, i will be happy. and he is a wonderful thing for Sophie to have. She sort of understands what it is like to be a mom to a teenager…because he is a hard to get big kid & will not be affectionate with my daughter unless he is in her room with the door closed. 🙂 ~amy

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    1. Oh, he was! unfortunately he is going through his teens & has become a “don’t touch me” because he is showing off to my other cats. I do make sure to pick up my other cats & snuggle & kiss them like mad, in front of Judah…hoping he will learn to become a smuggler again. 🙂 ~amy

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    1. Hi John, he does have very interesting eyes. i’ve never seen a cat with such a dull color though…my black cat has deep yellow & my silver cat has amazing green eyes that turn gold near his pupils…time will tell. Thanks for writing! ~amy


    1. Thank you, Hollie! this opossum showed up when he was much, much smaller, he used to sleep in my pots during the day. i would sit outside to read my book & see him awake & moving…i would say, “are you NOT nocturnal? why are you awake?” so he is unafraid of me, luckily he no longer sleeps on my balcony. Thanks for writing! ~amy

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      1. I had a terrible experience down south, a cat separated the mom possum from its baby that was on its back in my back yard, the baby ran under the pool deck of my neighbors. The Mom cried and cried and called and search searched for the baby, it really broke my heart. So , even though they are not attractive they have very instinctively strong maternal emotions.


      2. That is such a sad, sad story. I am so sorry! mine is one of hunger & greed. He eats the pets food they leave at the end of the day. He was young, but NOW he is HUGE. i just wish he would move on! thanks for sharing! ~amy

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