you stand out

dsc_1902the mandolin with the different color is wrong…do you think the Maker designed that one odd-colored mandolin to be better or worse than all the others? i suppose the multitude can decide.

i know it a reflection…just making a point. no matter how differently we look from one another, at least its nice to know the love of music is universal.  ~amy

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  1. Leeby Geeby says:

    Amen. Many thanks for this short, sweet burst of inspiration. Warmest regards..


    1. Hi Leery Geeby…:) cute name. I write what pops in my head, after i upload images onto my computer. racism makes me sick. i don’t really get it. i have new neighbors, i paid her to drive my kids along with her own. but she changed her feelings toward me once she found out i was jewish & a liberal democrats. now i drive my kids to school, i gotta say though, I cannot wait until my daughter turns 16 in April. Thank you for the compliment. ~amy

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      1. Leeby Geeby says:

        Thank you. It was my high school nick name and I just kept it because it sounds goofy and helps me remember not to take myself so seriously. Thank you kindly for your time. Warmest regards to you and your family!


      2. taking ourselves less seriously is so very important. i love the nickname…mine was L’Amy so that was embarrassing (lay me) for boys to call me that. when i had to put down my nickname for the yearbook my senior year, i left it blank. but some wise guy working on the yearbook committee added it later, that was worse because my father saw it. ~amy

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      3. Leeby Geeby says:

        Or maybe holding onto my highschool nickname means I need to grow up. Lol. Once I can become fully fledged in my Shamanic healing practice, I will probably dispense with the nickname.


      4. i think you should keep it. reminds you of a time when life still felt NEW. VERY, very impressed with the Shamanic healing practice. ~amy

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      5. Leeby Geeby says:

        Cheers Amy. Thank you for the encouraging words.


      6. Cheers to you too.

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  2. Linda says:

    You need to see the newest M. Streep
    movie….. About singing but also the love of music!


    1. Thank you, Linda. I should go to the movies more often. I wasn’t really allowed to go while i was married, but i have been trained so much, that i forget i can go anytime i want…unless its carpool 🙂 Love, amy


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