In honor of love lost

My daughter had a wonderful friend, he lived with his mother & grandmother in Bermuda. He called me mom & Sophie called Judah’s mother, mom. both of us moms knew how important their relationship was.

i was in the kitchen, one night, trying to make a snack…Sophie walks into the kitchen & i was aware that she was talking to Judah, but i wasn’t really listening as they spoke almost everyday. I  opened the refrigerator door & i see Judah on Sophie’s phone screen inside & upright against the milk & he says, “Hi Mom, can i get you anything?” surreal & so very wonderfully funny, i will never, ever forget it. my daughter had a tough year & i can honestly say, without a doubt, my daughter wouldn’t have done as well as she did, if she didn’t have Judah. I loved that he saved her. sometimes its our children’s friends that pull them through the tough teen years.

one morning, my daughter sent me a text, she was at her grandparents house, the text read, “Judah died” No! no. that cannot be. I called her immediately & demand answers. We were both crying. Judah had died in a motorcycle accident. Judah had plans to further is education in England, so that he could support his mother & grandmother. I cannot even type this with crying at the loss of his beautiful soul. The boy that kept Sophie standing up, when she really wanted to fall to her knees. He saved her.

Sophie has always been jealous of my affections for my animals. when i was caught with an animal beside me, her contempt was obvious, i felt that perhaps she was unable to bond with an animal. So, it was a shock, when she saw a shelter kitten & asked me if she could have one… that loved her most, she said. in the car, she took her kitten out of his box & held him on her lap. as we drove home, she was coming up with silly names…then she became very quite, “mom, i want to name him Judah, so i will always remember my friend” my son, myself & my daughter cried at the beauty & the pain of loss of a 17 year old boy that became part of our family for year.IMG_7803

this is Day One with Judah. Sophie kept him in her room to bond for about three weeks, then Judah was invited to meet Ivy…and a stray named Quicksilver. I’ve gotta say, Judah makes my daughter feel loved, can make her laugh & she can hold him tight. We all know Judah loves my daughter best.

unless he sees a ceiling fan…FullSizeRender (22)DSC_2428

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  1. Sorry to hear of your family’s loss – so glad your daughter can find comfort in her family and her new friend


    1. Thank you so much, Nora. I knew it wasn’t really appropriate to name an animal after a friend as an adult, but for a teenager i thought it perfect. ~amy

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  2. To have and to hold, what a lovely thing for your daughter.


    1. Thank you for your kind words. ~amy


  3. Maverick ~ says:

    Sweet story and lovely images.


    1. Thank you so much, Maverick. Long time no see. I’ve been reinventing myself…or perhaps becoming the happy person i used to be. now that i am happy, i am going to start posting often, so that i can ‘visit’ with my favorite bloggers, like you! ~amy


  4. loisajay says:

    Little Judah is truly an angel…both Judahs.


    1. Thank you, Loisajay. i cried the whole time i wrote that, & it seems just reading responses like yours…make me tear up again. ~amy

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      1. loisajay says:

        Big hugs to you.


      2. big hugs back, Loisajay.

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  5. Timothy Price says:

    Cute kitten. Sad story.


    1. Hi Timothy…very heartbreaking story. I cannot imagine how is mother feels. Thank you for reading it. ~amy

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