Birmingham, Alabama’s pagan god


Birmingham, Alabama, the so called “Bible Belt” has the god of Forage standing atop Red Mountain. He stands above & facing, the city of Birmingham…& behind him stands the small town of Homewood.

The thing about men who worked in a forage is this, they worked with extreme heat. more often then not, they worked at night, with nothing on, other than a thick leather apron. so…not only does this city have a roman god looking over it, the Homewood side sees his bare ass. pretty cool, huh?


i think so. (i didn’t take this photo)

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  1. julieallyn says:

    Love the letter ‘S’ shot!!


    1. I took that one for me, for Saab. and how lovely that sewer begins with an ‘S’! 😉 Art is everywhere…thank you, Julieallyn! ~amy

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  2. Goodness seems kind of risky, must have been a big apron! 😀


    1. Ha! I always thought the same way. Perhaps the saying, “watch your back” saying came from the men working in a forge?? Our Vulcan’s apron reaches his mid thigh. Thanks for the laugh this morning! ~amy

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  3. loisajay says:

    Love the little Vulcan!


    1. Hi Loisajay…little Vulcan? little, as in the photograph i took off the internet? He is huge. about 14 years ago, Birmingham paid to repair him. i have photos of me standing beside his head, i am 5’2″ and i came to the tip of his nose. SO COOL. ~amy


      1. loisajay says:

        Oh, I know he is huge. It used to be free to see him, now you have to pay! I love it, though.


      2. Hi Loisajay! Yes we have to pay for seeing him & i will gladly pay because of the cost of his repairs way back in 2001+


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