Birmingham, Alabama’s pagan god

Birmingham, Alabama, the so called “Bible Belt” has the god of Forage standing atop Red Mountain. He stands above & facing, the city of Birmingham…& behind him stands the small town of Homewood. The thing about men who worked in a forage is this, they worked with extreme heat. more often then not, they worked…

who hunts humans?

least you forget, Mother Nature takes back what once belonged to her. & her partner, Father Time, never stops attempting (and succeeding) to turn everything back to dust…humans think of time as moving forward, ‘we make time’, we ‘find time’ as though we can control time. what we build & then what we claim as…

what happens when you turn the color up

this is slate i found on a walk in the country. to the naked eye, it looked mostly grey & black. i saw some color in it when i photographed it. When i saturated it at home? BAM! you can see all the mineral deposits it contained. Amazing, no?

watching the sun dance

on the shore of Lake Champlain, Vermont. The light was interrupted only by the masts of the sailboats.