my Christmas Cactus is celebrating Passover


flowered for Passover.

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  1. Our Christmas Cactus’ seem to want to brighten our days several times a year. Mine that used to bloom once a year now blooms several times a year. [I think it has something to do with the orchid fertilizer I give it a few times a year, or not].


    1. Wow. pretty daring to fertilize it with something other than…well, i have no idea. i think mine flowers for me to get attention. As in, “i’m dying because she forgot i was here, i’d better flower to get her attention & save my own life” what do you think? 🙂 ~amy

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      1. Oh, that is the truth.

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  2. Funni – mine did to (for Easter)


    1. I think its great when they flower twice a year. Congratulations on our Christmas-Easter-Passover cactus’ ~amy

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