the best revenge is…

to live a happy life…it has been said before. think of your past as a  ‘ball & chain’, except you are holding it, dragging it with you. Drop the damn ball….let it go. to hold tight to a past failing or past regrets, prevents you from growing & changing into something better than you had been before. i don’t think it is wise (or safe) to live in the past, but i do think it is important to learn from it. So i am dropping the ball, releasing the chain & moving forward.

go me.IMG_7227

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  1. Karen B says:

    It takes time to do what you describe and it is early days for you yet. Little by little you can let it go, but don’t be upset if sometimes you find yourself carrying the ball and chain for a day or so. But the abuse has stopped for you. That is the bravest thing you will ever do. You have escaped. The healing takes time x x


    1. my daughter was standing over me, angry-i had HURRY…as i wrote you before, so i had time to think of a response to your thoughts…while i drove her to the Summit (stores by the hundreds) the difference between us, as far as divorce is concerned is totally different…because my heart wasn’t involved, the love i had felt had died in 2010. That is when i was broken completely. i became nothing except physical pain & fear. i do feel fear on occasion now, like when the mailbox is filled with more bills i cannot pay, but that is nothing compared to the fear before. I listen to a lot of positive music & i dance & sing at the top of my lungs. i can swear like a sailor. i can be poor, i’ve been that way most of my life…but that just brings the artist out. i go thrifting & buy things i like, then make them mine. My apartment…i brought the kids to the one i had chosen, 1,200sq feet. this house is 3,000sq feet. i thought the kids would hate it. but they saw the pool & the gym, picked out their rooms & were so excited. suddenly the apartment wasn’t small, it was safe & cozy. a clean slate to learn how to live a happy life.


  2. loisajay says:

    Go you is right! Go Amy!


    1. Thank you so much, Loisajay!!! i am ready…more than ready! ~amy


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