for the love of Selfies


& snapchat. my daughter is ALWAYS taking photos of herself for her friends on snapchat. Now it seems she has introduced Snapchat to Quicksilver.

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  1. Such a beautiful kitty 😄


    1. you have great taste in cats, Julie. I agree, Quicksilver is a stunning beast-one that bonded to me like superglue. `amy

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  2. nikolakoydl says:

    Thanks for visiting my site.Beautiful images ! Koydl


  3. 67steffen says:

    Amazing perspective.


    1. i was trying to take some photos of the wee white lily-looking flowers, so i was on my stomach, in the grass. He didn’t want me to do anything but pay attention to him. I put the phone on the ground & click. Thank you so much for the compliment. ~amy


  4. laura lecce says:

    Gorgeous cat… Those stunning green eyes!


    1. Quicksilver showed up to my house about a year ago & stole my heart. He is a stunner. I will pass your compliments to him from you. Thank you, Laura! ~amy

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    1. oh, he knows. He wouldn’t let me photograph the weeds flowering on the lawn. its all about him. 🙂 ~amy

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