for the love of Selfies

& snapchat. my daughter is ALWAYS taking photos of herself for her friends on snapchat. Now it seems she has introduced Snapchat to Quicksilver.

Quicksilver caught

with iphone. i zoomed in pretty tight to get his eye. he was being a pain in the butt b/c i wanted to take photos, of the dew on everything, that morning…the peach tree had to be continuously rubbed against, thus preventing clear shots. roses had to be smelled…blueberry bushes had to be rubbed against….

a lost cat, that has found me

this lost kitten (?) found me. It took a few weeks before she would come close to me. i saw her only at dusk & dawn. But this morning, she found me & asked for some food, which i did. I gardened all morning & she stayed with me for a few hours. I think…

the cat who flirts

despite my bed head, my lack of proper attire or the fact that he is 35 years my junior, he still flirts with me. Hobbes on the deck this morning– making me feel loved & beautiful.