the garden is a fire

10 thoughts on “the garden is a fire

  1. Hi Amy,
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I look forward to exploring yours. This post of course caught my attention first, so much intense color, I LOVE it! Its so nice to see all the spring flowers that everyone is excited by.
    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Maverick…i have a commission to paint for a orange tulip lover. I dragged my lazy butt (id been in bed a week) to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens & i saw the orange, finally, quite far past the pink, red, red&white tulips (8 miles from the entrance). As i arrived, i had to stand away from the flowers because there was a couple embracing. I could only see the woman, who had tears running down her cheeks. I was thinking perhaps they agreed to become friends or something…so i waited. there was NOTHING to look at but the grass, so i stared down as though i was utterly fascinated by it. but, damn they took forever. i inched a bit closer in hopes to move them along & their (forever) hug apart & away…it was then, they separated. & it was then, that i discovered why she had been crying…when she released him, the first thing she looked at was her ring finger…in a way a woman does when she has been asked to be married with a ring to prove it. Amazing really. All these words for your, ‘Blazing loveliness’ compliment. i thought you’d enjoy the long, rabbling response. Thanks~amy


    1. Hi Reggie…i’ve missed you! Sorry i’ve not been able to do any real blogging due to divorce/trial/hearings etc. scary stuff. However, i see a pinpoint of light at the end of the tunnel, so here i am. I hope you’ve been well. Thank you for the compliment. ~amy

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      1. I have also been off the blog for a while, too many other things to deal with. But it is always lovely to see your beautiful creative images.


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