popping up poppies

One of my favorite flowers. I had to shoot these poppies at high noon (bad planning)…which is never a flattering light for anything or anyone…it means i had to get on the ground to photograph most of these. If i attempted to photograph them from above, the flowers would have been overexposed & the color…

Lavender Twist Rosebud

Another favorite flowering tree. I love how they flower straight out of the branch. What a stunner. I found this at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

lit from within

i think these flowers appear to be lit from the inside, more than any other flower, is because they rest upon a body of water. which reflects sunlight. so they are, in fact, lit from underneath as well as above. Birmingham Botanical Gardens

zen garden (photo editing tip)

the first image is what it looked like to my eyes. the second image is what it looked like to my camera. to edit second image to look like what i SAW when i took the image, i added yellow & red–because the second image is cyan/blue. The Birmingham Botanical Gardens–Japanese Garden. 

i found this one on the discounted table

i understood why this hydrangea was placed there. At first glance, i thought there was nothing left to take note of. Then i looked a little harder…out of all the flowers i took that day, this one is my favorite. it is a peaceful color, with stunning detail on the back…then to set against a…

my first roses stun me

these are Joseph’s coat roses. The bloom color can vary from rose to rose…most tend to lean this color.