tulip scoops

I loved walking on flower petals. Its a bit magical to have flowers beneath your feet.

popping up poppies

One of my favorite flowers. I had to shoot these poppies at high noon (bad planning)…which is never a flattering light for anything or anyone…it means i had to get on the ground to photograph most of these. If i attempted to photograph them from above, the flowers would have been overexposed & the color…

better off red

popping up for spring @ The Birmingham Botanical Gardens…red poppies.

Lavender Twist Rosebud

Another favorite flowering tree. I love how they flower straight out of the branch. What a stunner. I found this at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

don’t fence me in

because i am brave enough to escape…damn the consequences. Alis volat propriis “she flies by her own wings.”

water reflects the sunlight

the water bounces light back up into the waterlily…which is why the plant looks as though it holds the sun itself.