when i was me…


i’m from Vermont. i grew up with SAABs, Volvos, Subarus & JEEPs…for the snow. My family was a Volvo fan…except for me. Oh, i LOVED SAABS. the one above was my second SAAB…paid in full, title in my name, with only 60,000 miles on it (brand new) the station wagon was awesome because the Huskies rode in the back, with tons of room.DSC_0242DSC_0078DSC_0060After 4 months of bed rest after having bone removed from my pelvis & two titanium rods to hold me together…i was rear ended by a Suburban  XL, pushed into on coming traffic, i clipped a BMW that left the scene.  My SAAB, named Sally…broke her frame, i was finished with getting better ever again, we both broke that day. the kids & i began to search online for another SAAB wagon. The insurance money was used to by a BMW, not in my name. I was 42 years old & didn’t own my own car. i cant drive nor sit as a passenger in an SUV which is what i was now driving. so carpool put me down painfully, hard.

BUT then…the BMW was put in my name & i owned it…so it took 3 or so years to come home to my own SAAB again. almost an even trade (paid taxes) for a 2011 93 with ONLY 50,000 miles.


We live in such a material world, perception is important to a lot of people. if you drive an older model, people become embarrassed & trade their fine cars, for new, just to in to fit in. look wealthy, look like everyone else. cant judge me now, i’ve got a NEW car…what a load of shit.  See, i looked for an even trade b/c i can’t have a car payment. i was shown a 2011 Honda accord with cloth interior & a backseat so small, it appeared to be added for elves. it was 17,000 dollars. ok. i found a 2011 SAAB for 10,999, talked him down $500 plus the BMW.

SAABs are no longer perceived as a rich persons car because they no longer make them. everyone dropped their SAABs in for something that fit in.  What matters to me…is that SAAB makes Jets. my car can fly. Meet Chloe below…if you see a white blur go past you, that would be (happy) me.

i am me again.



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  1. robmuller says:

    Ever since I was a kid, I have loved Saabs too. I think it must be a design sensibility with which one is born. I cried when I had to trade in my 2001 9-5. What a wonderful car.
    It was also sad to see GM do to such a legendary marque what two world wars and a global depression couldn’t – bankrupt it.
    I also agree with your assessment of those driving new cars: no one ever says, “Hey, he can’t be an ass, he’s driving a new BMW.” They say, “How can an ass like that afford a new BMW.” Right?


  2. I love Saabs too! I worked in advertising years ago in Melbourne and worked on the Saab account then – wonderful cars. Gosh this angle makes it look like a 9-5 ..


  3. mike says:

    I have a 2003 Durango, the year before they went square and ugly. It only had 45,000 miles on it 8 years ago when I bought it. It has 71,000 now. This is my perfect vehicle. Other than than a vandal breaking out my drivers side mirror the body is in excellent condition, it’s mechanically in excellent condition and it hauls my fat ass through every weather condition Ohio throws at it. The few times I’ve had it in for maintenance, mechanics have asked if I would sell it. That’s all the more reason I’m going to keep it. Plus this is the first time since 1985 I haven’t had a car payment.

    I’ve always liked SAAB’s, I just couldn’t fit in them.


  4. Maverick ~ says:

    Looks good, especially with the Huskies. Congrats! 🙂


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